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Real customers, real stories.

These guys found and fixed a wiring problem with my 2012 Nissan 370z Nismo with Stillen Supercharger.  They are super nice genuine people who listen, communicate, and take pride in the quality of their work. Highly recommended, I'd give 6 stars if I could.  Good honest people can be hard to find, probably why they are busy!

Thank you so much Jerry & Stacey!

Adam B

I stumbled upon this shop doing a duckduckgo search and was intrigued by the reviews, most are very positive.
So I decided to check them out since I wanted to know what my car was putting out at the wheels. When I got there I met Stacey, and what I love about her and her husband is they are straight shooters and will tell you like it is...just how I like it!
I had a great time talking with both of them, and their Techs are also very friendly....shoots, even their customers are nice, which tells me this is the place to get your car tuned...especially if it's a Chevy. Jerry has a lot of experience in tuning and mostly working on GM Z cars (aka Z06, Z71, ZL1) for a dealership. In fact dealerships will honor his work and still keep the warranty on their customers cars if they have a tune or any work done on their car by Jerry.
Unfortunately, I have an EFI Tune on my car and will need to wait a bit before I change over to HPTuners. However, when I do, I will have Jerry do all the work...He is a true Car Tuner from what I can tell and not like some of the other "cartooners" out there.
I trust them with my car and I would even trust them with your car...reader!
Thank you Aikman's for your time, and it was great talking with both of you!
I will be back!

Woody W

The owners are GREAT!  They communicate with you very well. We took my 05 conv 6 peed for stating issues. They did everything they could do to find the gremlin that was causing starting issues. When they couldn't find it they called us to come pick it up and didn't charge us a dime!! Thank you both so much!  I will recommend them highly to all of my Vette owner friends!

Gilbert P

Took my Tahoe to get tuned, great shop, owners are amazing and they know what they're doing. I highly recommend Aikman!

Kyle H

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Took my C7 grand sport to get Jerry because someone referred him to me. I can honestly say I will not go anywhere else if I have issues with my corvette. Jerry and Stacey are awesome individuals and very knowledgeable in what they do. I'm not mechanically incline, but Jerry and Stacey took the time to explain everything that was wrong to give me a better understanding on the issue. Pricing isn't bad at all and worth every penny. Appreciate the help and look forward to seeing yall again after the new year.

Adam M

Stacey & Jerry really take care of their customers. The most straight forward and honest shop I've ever gone to. 2007 Chevy Avalanche.

Thanks guys Ide give you 10 stars if I could.

Joseph C

Best shop and group of people I have had the pleasure of meeting in a real long time. I had some issues with my car while at the Texas Mile and I approached them for some help. Jerry and James were quick to dive in and find the issues. they loaned me tools and everything else we needed to fix the car and even helped get it running right. One of their awesome crew members Janna, gave me a set of spark plugs to switch out my bad ones.

Tony C

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